Brilliantly I have come
To a conclusion
And that is
That I am beyond you.
My thoughts
Are as the gods’.
Shakespeare himself
Could not write prose as great as mine.
My words are lyrical
And they trip off my silver tongue
Into your waiting ears
And you are still too weak
You can hear nothing.
I tower above you
In intellect and wit
Gracefully poised at your side.
I feel you suck my mind
From my sinking flesh
Spiralling out into infinite boredom
Like the cracks on the window pane
Into which your blood now spills.
You once told me
That I was nothing
So now you will watch yourself
As you become nothing
In my loving arms.
I look down on your bleeding face –
You are even more beautiful now.
My broken work of art,
I paint your skin with my fingers

A pretty picture.
In death you are beautiful
Like you never were in life.
My brilliance transcends
The wonder of nature
And now your beauty is mine.


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