I can’t do ‘Minimalism’.

By now, you’ve probably noticed the main trend in homeware. Is that it? Is it just homeware still? If you picture the house of a blogger, or indeed any human being in their twenties, you, like me, will see a white room with copper, green and wooden accents. There’s almost definitely a terrarium with a cactus in it. The floor is bare wood, the walls are plain white, there are bookshelves without bookends and no actual books. The only thing there is an excess of is different scented candles – all lit at the same time. Oh, also fairylights. So. Many. Fairylights.

I like a good aesthetic as much as the next girl. I, too, drool over marble counter tops and metal accents and the odd houseplant. But unfortunately for me, I can never access this massive trend.

I’m a hoarder! I have so much stuff I can’t even close the door of my wardrobe(s). I love fairytale princess style decor, with cushions and blankets and a fourposter bed and vintage style perfume bottles with atomizers and cut glass bowls and wicker baskets and so many colours. I love one direction posters and 3 million cuddly toys and one scented candle at a time and mirrors literally everywhere and a proper fireplace. I love looking at this aesthetically pleasing, all monochrome world, but it is so far away from anything I could ever have myself.

And on top of that, the spartan, minimalist style is actually not all that great.

This idea of giving up worldly possessions sounds like such a good idea! Getting back to your roots! Living life not based around material goods! But as far as I’m concerned, the whole thing is a little bit grating. To me, this minimalist way of living is like Gwyneth Paltrow. There’s nothing there, and it cost $10,000,000.

It’s such a middle-to-upper-class thing! It’s rich people deciding to give things up, and to only rely on their ridiculously expensive inner city flats filled with technical goodies in various shades of black and white.

It’s like when people say, ‘oh , but you can just live vegan and buy all fresh produce to live on the cheap’. Anyone who’s ever actually lived on the poverty line can tell you that is not the case. Minimalism is veganism in your day to day life.

If you can afford to live like that, and it suits you, then you’re welcome to it. But Minimalism is not ever going to be for me.


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