Transience // inspired by ‘Tithonus’ by Tennyson

in the eyes of Aurora
everything is transient.
life, happiness, boys in bed.
everything only lasts for a short amount of time.

she has no time
for the complaints of man
who does everything quickly
especially in the bedroom.

she paints her ecstatic watercolours
in hues of red and pink
and throws them up onto the sky
to bleed down to the sea.

her beauty is eternal.
she takes lovers, occasionally,
but her only love is a shadow,
a whisper on the sea breeze.

he calls out for her
proclaims to all her wonder
and her cruelty.
we hear nothing but the wind.

immortality is but a mean joke
played by the gods.
he is immortal but dead.
Aurora has no time for them.

she cries and the sky weeps with her.
she climaxes
and the whole world
reflects her rose-tinted orgasm.


Everything is transient
but she is so much more.


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