my first attempt at an epic ballad // Space

Space is claustrophobic
Which is strange to hear
That something quite so infinite
Causes such unholy fear
The feeling you’re alone in space
That nothing, no one, is near

The mariner, my ship, my love,
While beautiful, it’s true,
Is getting to old for space travel
I need to start anew
But I feel I cannot forsake my ship
Oh what am I to do?

Batten down the hatches!
Bring up all the shields!
Nothing is quite as dangerous
As an asteroid field
Especially with the Hath out there
Trying to make me yield.

The Hath has killed my family
My crew dead, long ago
Now aboard the mariner
I know all there is to know
For there’s very little out there now
‘Cept the Hath to overthrow

The Hath is why I’m stuck here
I thought that I could win
But you can’t kill an alien
With impermeable skin
So I am stuck here watching
As they eat everything.

They’re not picky eaters
The aliens out there
Rocks and salts and minerals
They don’t really care
They eat everything in sight
Except bits caught in their hair

It is my fault they’re gone, dear friend,
I did not know it then
But when I left the hatches up
I let the buggers in
And so I’m left here watching
Drowning my sorrows in gin.

I was their protector
I should’ve kept them out
But there’s little you can do to warn
When all the comms are down
And all that there was left to do
Was sit and hear my people shout.

So now I wait, my friend, to die
As Hath lunch or tea
But when they tear me open
They’ll find me quite empty
So I’ll be left to drift away
I myself and me.

I should be frank, I guess, mon Cher
I’ve not told the entire truth
I don’t exactly look the same
As I did in my youth
And not least because I’ve now lost
All but one last tooth

My skin is not the same shade
Of pink as it once was
My legs are not a matching pair
Neither are my jaws
And installed in me is a tracking device
According to the laws.

‘No cyborg shall remain unchecked’
States Rule 6313
And long ago I didn’t care
It was all the same to me
But now I know that that device
Was the cause of all my grief.

It’s not hard to crack a code
That isn’t even coded
For the governors that made the rules
Were easily goaded
So that is how the Hath therefore
My systems they corroded.

Without my technology
And all it’s great connections
The governors they never would
Have formed such great objection
If I had not I must admit
Once joined a great defection.

Because I could think freely
Not controlled like the human race
I was able to stand up for us
To put the governors in their place
But in doing so I ruined things
And got sent off to space

I was supposed to do my penance
As a worker on this ship
But unfortunately as you can see
There was a sort of blip
My programming overridden by Hath
Because of this stupid chip.

So listen well to my cautionary tale
My friend, long though it is,
If you try to control your people
A weakness will exist
For those who don’t buckle under your control
To another leader could submit.


1 thought on “my first attempt at an epic ballad // Space

  1. Lengthy but nicely written!
    Do check out my page too if you’re interested 🙂

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