I have many feelings about Star Trek(TOS:AU) and they aren’t all good.

I am, to put it mildly, massively into Star Trek. One of my favourite books is How Much For Just The Planet by John M. Ford. If you’re not in the know, that is a Star Trek book that is legit a musical (I kid you not, it’s the best thing ever, and I would really love for them to make that the next film).

I’m really loving the reboots, and I’m very exited to see STB, but I’m kinda disappointed by some cast-y things?

Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy is, objectively, my favourite character. Not just in TOS, or the reboot, but in the whole of Star Trek, and is easily in my top five favourite characters of all time. Ok, so he’s a tiny bit racist; hey, we’re all flawed. I loved DeForrest Kelley, and Karl Urban is doing an incredible job. But the reboots aren’t doing Bones justice!! As a genre actor, Urban is top notch. His performance in Judge Dredd was incredible, especially when you consider that he kept the helmet on the whole time. But it’s like, for the first two films, no one noticed? But my bae Urban did. He emailed the writers and made sure that in this film, McCoy would be a more central character. But that does not mean we’ll get him for ST4:

“I would have to again be assured that the character of McCoy will continue to be developed and that he serves a real purpose and a function. I’m not interested in playing a marginalized version of this character.You know, I have a huge amount of respect for the dynamics of the characters, the way that [creator Gene Roddenberry] originally created them. I fully understand their purpose and function. I would be blessed to be able to come back and make more. I love working with these guys, and I have such a wonderful time. That being said, I have to have something to do. I have to have a function.”

YES KARL YES. Not only is he an excellent actor, but he understands the source material. 

I feel like Zoe Saldana could learn a thing or two from him. She said in an interview (in Glamour) that she has never seen a whole episode of Star Trek. Because she thinks it would change how she playe the character. Um, good? In my opinion, you can’t enter into a massive franchise like Star Trek without at least having a look at whose shoes you’re filling, surely. And also, how? How did she miss watching this show? Even if she’s not a big scifi person: Martin Luther King literally told Nichelle Nichols that Uhura was a culturally important character. Surely, as a WOC, Saldana should want to know more about that? Hell, even just as a woman, I can see the importance of her character – she had such a significant role, and for the time, she played a really strong woman.

The Uhura/Spock relationship feels really forced and unnatural to me, and totally out of character for the Vulcan-blooded Spock. This is compounded by the clear narrative of the film pointing towards Spock being more Vulcan than human, despite his mother’s influence… Like, in TOS, Spock would occasionally act human. Zachary Quinto’s Spock seems to be way more focused on Vulcan behaviours, but then will openly snog Uhura? Bearing in mind that holding hands is, like, foreplay for his race. It just seems so cringey to me.

Plus, as far as I’m concerned, Quinto has more chemistry with the Enterprise than he does Saldana.

And then: Simon Pegg, who I love btw, isn’t even a Star Trek fan?? He prefers Star Wars?? He co-wrote the newest Star Trek film, and he doesn’t even like the franchise. I can’t find the interview now, but somewhere out there is written proof that this guy wants something from star trek that it can’t give. He and Justin Lin both want to make it more action-y and less geeky, more ‘approachable’ for the common man.
But why? Star Trek basically invented geekdom. Without Kirk/Spock, slash fanfiction would not exist, and let me tell you, that is a massively important part of almost every fandom in the world. Star Trek, to me, is the most quintessentially geeky thing in the world, and I love it all the more for it. So the idea of stripping that geekyness away?

It’s like being told Santa isn’t real all over again.

PS: Sorry for how intense this got, I have a lot of feelings

PPS: Can someone please let JJ know that the lens flares are awful? I rewatched STID over the weekend and I am suuuuuper over them lol


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