Okay, I admit, this is more of a personal pick than the others, BUT I would totally argue is just as worthy of a mention as the other badass gay icons I’ve featured on this blog.

Captain Jack is the person who introduced me to the idea that you could like more one than gender. I realise Doctor Who isn’t for everybody, but I think my dad would disown me if I didn’t like it! On a Saturday in 2005, John Barrowman flirted his way onto the show and into my heart. Yes, that is a super cheesy thing to say, but I think he’d be proud.

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I love this character. I loved him as a morally-dubious flirt when he first turned up; as the bravest immortal ever, when he meets the Master; as a brave, flirty nobhead in Torchwood continuously making bad decisions. I have loved him through two TV shows, several books, audio-plays, and some really excellent gifs.
(this gif represents me running towards doctor-who-based things)
Image result for captain jack dw gif

Captain Jack is a ‘fifty-first century man’. This means, according to the show, that sexuality, gender – even species – don’t matter to this incorrigible flirt. This idea, in 2005, had never occurred to me. I mean, I was seven, so it’s not necessarily surprising, but it is still the first time I ever heard of such a thing.

Image result for captain jack john barrowman


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