It seemed only right to dedicate today’s update to Brenda Howard, as today is both the anniversary of the first of the Stonewall Riots, and the anniversary of her death in 2005.

Often referred to as the ‘mother of pride’ for coordinating the rally and march that would become the Pride Parade, Howard was a sex positive, bisexual, feminist, polyamorist gay rights activist and BDSM practitioner from New York.



here is the OG bi babe in the 1960s

This woman was actively involved in LGBT rights for over three decades. She was an active member of the Gay Liberation Front, and was also chair of the Gay Activists Alliance’s Speakers Bureau for several years after Stonewall.

Howard also came up with Pride Month! Sort of. She had the idea for a week of events around Pride Day which would become the annual world-wide pride celebrations in June. She’s also credited with making the word ‘Pride’ popular! Let’s all take a minute to be grateful, for without Brenda Howard the world wouldn’t have had so many LGBT blog posts for me in a row.


here she is, just days before her death in 2005

Joking aside, this woman tirelessly dedicated her life to LGBT rights, and despite my own interest in this topic, I only heard of her relatively recently, and I definitely didn’t know just how much she has done for the gay community!

In honour of her life-long work, here is the link for her organsiation, the New York Area Bisexual Network, and here is a link to Stonewall Equality Limited, a UK charity named after the event that changed the gay community, in case you’d like to donate in her honour.

I leave you with a description of her, cut from her organisation’s website, written by Tom Limoncelli:

She could be difficult, she could be stubborn, she could be outrageous and she always stood up and spoke out for bisexual people and challenged biphobia even in the most hostile environments. Blessed Be.


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