Chesterfield Library (is a dump)

Alistair is being himself again.

The desk is now apple scented.

From above, an impatient axolotl scoffs at our ineptitude.

I go to apologise but my mouth is full of biscuits.


Children run and shout

Everything is brown and I

Am surrounded by dinosaur books.

Don’t try to work in the children’s section.


I’ve had more fun in PE lessons.

At least they weren’t as loud.

Millennium hand and shrimp! My brother cries.

My dad says that. Monkey see, monkey do.


The air upstairs is musty.

I prefer this volume to the nonfiction section –

The floor up there is scratchy(er)

And with no distractions, I turn to sloth.


Anywhere is better than the YA section.


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