i am LOUD and the world is my oyster

We teach that the world is an oyster,

ripe to be picked, ready to be bitten into; are you sure you want to eat that?

Honey, we want what’s best for you, not your opinions.

You have such a gift. It would be a shame to waste it; you don’t want to disappoint us do you?

Stop reading in class, you’re supposed to be learning.

You don’t want talk in class – raise your hand if you want to speak – well, you have to go last, now,

you shouldn’t have spoken out of turn. Well, I see your double standards

and raise you a ‘fuck you, I know what I’m doing

and even if I didn’t it would be fine, these things are my choice, my mistakes to make,

my bones to break, myself to change’ and I cannot say these things to you out loud just yet

but just know they’re at the forefront of my mind every time you tell me to be less open, honest, and


in my opinions. I see you and I refuse to be pigeonholed.


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