Underneath the covers as
The boy he hides away
In the darkness that enfolds him
wide eyes full of dismay.
His parents are quite close, you see
That is not what he fears
For as the darkness closes in
His truest nightmare nears.
His sister’s in the room next door
His parents just below
And though this thought is shaky
His mind is in its shadow.
He knows the man is coming
The man who takes his dreams
He writes them down come morning and
His grinning moon face beams.
For as his parents do not know
What this man is doing
They cannot know that he may be
Their blessed child’s ruin.
The man who takes the dreams away
Is not to be trusted
For one who grows up dreamless is
Truly maladjusted.
And while the dreams the boy did have
Others may find ghoulish
To take the dreams of a fae child
Is really very foolish.
For while, with dreams, the boy might have
A chance to act quite human
Without them he can only be
Empty, barely lucid.
The dream man knows the boy’s true fate
His nature is too clear
For that is just what happens to
A changeling with no fear.
They might be fey, those clever ones,
But that cannot undo it
A faery fey who’s fearless is
Bound to always rue it.
A grown-up fearless faerie-fey
Can only have one fate
He must grow up to take the dreams
And take the dream man’s place.
And only once a hundred years
The dream man has then served
May he then take the fair court seat
That he has long deserved.
So be careful with your children
If they a changeling be
If not told to dream and wonder
They could end up like me.


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