Making the front page

I’m going to be honest with you. This blog is One Direction/feminist trash.

That means occasionally I’m going to rant about the media and its relationship to the boyband, and also why gender equality is SUPER IMPORTANT you guys.

I hope you can forgive me.

SIKE I don’t care this blog is for me get over yourself jeeze.

Okay. Now onto the important stuff.

  • If you come to find you have grown tired of my long winded rants and would like something more succinct but still inherently feminist, please go to my twitter.
  • If you want similarly passionate rants but told by someone more eloquent, attractive and kind, go to my friend Ada’s blog (she’s great. Also hilarious).
  • If you’re just incredibly nosy, why not check out my instagram? Get me some more followers too while you’re at it please :)))
  • For One Direction-heavy playlists, you can even check out my spotify. Do people still use spotify or is that just me? (There’s also some indie stuff because I’m secretly into really hipster things too lol sue me).
  • And, lastly, my tumblr. In case you want a word, or to look at some delightful Larry gifs. You’re welcome in advance.
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